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Dev Patel

PeeCee Interviews Dev Patel

Priyanka Chopra is every bit the global diva, the dailies (national and international) address her as, today. Call it her stars or ‘Quantico’, the B-town beauty is the People’s favourite (twice in a row) overseas and we are not surprised! As long as we are at it, let’s not forget her countless trips to American chat shows and late night rendezvous with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and I could go on.

While that peaked our pride through the roof,  Dev Patel, an extraordinary British actor of Indian descent, and his Oscar nod for ‘Lion’ took us to the stars (yes, we are a family like that). Earlier, you have died and vied to see them both together and that is exactly why we are here. In a video uploaded by Renald, you can ACTUALLY see PeeCee interviewing Dev at ‘The View’ and believe you me, it will win your hearts!

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