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WATCH: Govender Adds Spice To Ed Sheeran Song

Anasia GovenderSince she posted the video of her enticing potential customers to her curry takeaway and restaurant on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon‚ Govender says people have flocked to the restaurant.

“Darling I‚ will be cooking food til I’m 70‚ maybe my food will still taste good at 83…People fall in love with my food everyday‚ maybe it’s all in my hands…”

Clearly it’s all in her voice.

The Ed Sheeran fan who wrote the words to the song about two years ago said she didn’t get around to recording it until Tuesday.

“I had just got back from a function‚ which is why I was dressed up in a sari and the shop was quiet. I decided to finally sing the song and posted it on our FB page hoping for the best.”

The 1.37 second video has been viewed 30‚000 times and shared by more than 1‚000 people.

WATCH Govender’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ parody


She said the shop was very busy on Wednesday.

“We were in two minds whether to cook extra food because sometimes traffic to the shop is bad on rainy days‚ but we did and thankfully so. We have been so busy. I am gobsmacked by the reaction to the video.”

In November last year‚ Govender came up with a special dish to commemorate US president Donald Trump’s victory.

She posted on the restaurant’s website: “To congratulate the new USA President we have on special a meal that epitomises him. Indulge in our Delicious Kitchari as Golden‎ as his hair. Chutney as Orange as his Face. Dry Fish as Fishy as his Promises. With a Boiled Egg as Oval as his new Office.”

Source: TMG Digital/The Times

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