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Bebo: Address My Son as Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor is not one to mince words and has always been forthcoming – in her words as well as her lifestyle. And now, the diva has responded to the controversy around the name of her newborn Taimur as well as handling trolls on social media.

In an interview to Huffington Post, Kareena talks about being shocked at everyone turning into a history student over her baby’s name.

What shocked me was how quickly every person online turned into a history student, especially the trolls, who are the most clueless of the lot. Who made you the guardian of history, overnight? I have a message: Dear troll, you were wrong, as you so often are. His name is Taimur, which means Iron and I can assure you that he’ll live up to the meaning of his name. You confused him with Timur. In any case, we took it with a pinch of salt and both of us were least affected by it. We’re very proud of his name and there’s absolutely no question of changing it. There never was. You really think we would give into this kind of silly pressure? Sorry, internet.

In another interview to Hindustan Times, Kareena also slammed media reports that she calls her son ‘Little John’.

How can anyone think that? Why would I call my son Little John? My son’s name is Taimur. It is the most beautiful name, and he is the most beautiful and gorgeous man (smiles). And, no, I don’t call him Little John. Please address him as Taimur Ali Khan.

Commenting on the journey of motherhood, the Ki and Ka star said:

It’s an extremely personal journey. It’s a relationship that one develops over time, organically. I am still learning the ropes. In fact, Saif says my attention has completely shifted [to Taimur], and keeps complaining about it. I told him maybe [that will be the case] for a while (laughs). Now, I don’t like leaving home too much.

Kareena also spoke about staying away from social media being a way of keeping her starry aura alive.

I am an old-world star. I believe in keeping the mystery of an artist alive. If I am doling out opinions on Twitter and curating a carefully selected album on Instagram, it tells you a lot about my personal taste. In fact, more than a lot. I don’t want that. I want people to remain interested in me by curiously thinking about what my life actually entails… The idea is to be aware without participating in the outrage. If somebody wants my opinion on something, they’ll ask me for it. Half the time, people are just wishing each other on Twitter. I’m not like that, please! If I want to wish someone, I’ll pick up the phone and call them and have a longer conversation than 140-characters.

And unlike Kangana Ranaut, Bebo is not averse to endorsing fairness creams and feels consumers are not influenced by the faces of the ads but by the product itself.

These are products that are available in the market. It’s not like I am selling cigarettes or alcohol (which have proven health hazards) or meat. These are three things I said I’ll never do. And I haven’t. But if there’s a product like a fairness cream which is available in the market and if there’s a brand that thinks I’ll be right for it, then why not? And the market for that is huge — a lot of people are using it… Ultimately, the consumer makes a decision and it’s an informed decision that they make. Both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan endorse undergarment but you may not buy it because either of them is endorsing it.

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