Ahmed Kathrada In Hospital
Lalloo Chhiba visiting Kathrada after his successful surgery.

Ahmed Kathrada In Stable Condition After Surgery

Johannesburg: ANC struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for surgery relating to blood clotting on the brain.

Currently, Dr Ahmed Kathrada is in post op recovery considering the nature of his surgery and will remain in intensive care for the next 3 – 5 days. He remains in high spirits from the point of  admission to current day, given that situation that he was admitted for a routine non life threatening issue and that doctors picked up the brain clotting, the family remains concerned during this period.

The public has responded in a positive light wishing him well over his recovery.

Kathrada (87) was initially admitted for dehydration, but doctors later picked up the clot, which has subsequently been removed.

Ahmed Kathrada In Hospital
Laloo Chiba visiting Kathrada after his successful surgery.

“Kathrada, despite being ill prior to the operation, was in good spirits. Doctors last night indicated that the operation was successful and he is in a stable condition. However, it would be some time before Kathrada fully recovers,” said Neeshan Balton, Director of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.

Balton explained that due to hospital regulations and the necessity for a relaxed period of recovery, only visits from the immediate family will be permitted.

“We do however wish to thank the public as well as Kathrada’s many friends and comrades for their well-wishes and support. We hope that you continue remembering him in your prayers and take time to reflect on the ideals and values that Kathrada and his generation stood for,” said Balton.

Kathrada is one of three Rivonia Trialists still alive today; the other two being Andrew Mlangeni and Denis Goldberg.

Along with Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba and Elias Motsoaledi, they were sentenced in 1964 to life imprisonment on Robben Island during the famous Rivonia Trial.

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