South Africans Explode On Social Media For Missing Baby

South Africans across the country took up the initiative on social media since yesterday midday. #HelpFindDurbanBaby.

BREAKING NEWS: Durban baby has been found click here


A hijacking in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal left the mother without her one-month old baby daughter..

The Yaris was found abandoned in the Durban suburb of Montclair, but the baby was still not found. Durban’s SAPS have mobilized most of its available forces in a bid to find the baby, and has even taken to social media to access users.

A reward of R20,000 has been offered for any information leading to the whereabouts of the baby however no one has come forward yet.

Baby For Muti Killing? It cannot be ruled out but let us hope this is not the case. 

KwaZulu Natal is well known for its deep heritage in the belief of muthi (mooty). Occasions of murder and mutilation associated with some traditional cultural practices in South Africa are also termed muti killings.

The general known descriptions is known as as medicine murder, these are not human sacrifice in a religious sense, but rather involve the murder of someone in order to excise body parts for incorporation as ingredients into medicine and concoctions used in witchcraft.

The murder of human beings for their body parts is a crime in all countries. Such practices have been confirmed or suspected to occur within a handful of contexts.

Listen to mom plead with the public to help find her baby.


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