Neville Topdan Pillay

Neville Pillay Joins 947 Highveld Radio

Guess who’s back! Yes Top Dan, that’s who!

Neville Topdan Pillay

And to LotusFM….#ThawaYeh

highveld radioAfter being cut down to size you can now catch Neville Pillay on Joburgs No 1 hit music station, 947 Highveld stereo, who else would you wanna listen to? Neville Pillay who anchored the #MorningRush on SABC’s LotusFM has joined 947 Highveld which is known as Johannesburg’s #1 hit music station.

Pillay will be on the Breakfast Express morning show featuring his original pariokees and skits.

Pillay who is known as ‘Topdan’ walked out of the embattled radio station, LotusFM after he was verbally abused & threatened by the current Marketing Manager of the station. The SABC in their typical fashion of doing nothing right failed to take action against their employee who was the sole reason for the veteran radio jock’s walk out.

“I’m very honored to even feature on South Africa’s best radio station let alone on the morning breakfast show, this is pretty significant for a boy from Phoenix , I’ll be live and uncut.” says Pillay.

Breaking the news on Twitter a few minutes ago

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