#9Boy Thansen Govender

#9Boy: Natasha At The Club

#9Boy’s personal account of ‘Natasha At The Club’ which viral in a matter of hours!

From Natasha’s mom screaming like a banshee as she dropped her daughter and friends off at the club, #9Boy and his friends were labeled rotters by her mom.

But the best is yet to be revealed when the real drama happened inside the club. #9Boy was left wondering if ‘Natasha’ was either needing a splash of god-lamp water or a Valpre after her performance at the bar & dance floor that left her – wait for it – high shined and redesigned. Let’s not spoil it for you, watch the video below & SHARE!

We’ve had the priceless opportunity to view some of his yet to-be-released videos which are bound to be absolute hits with his steady fanbase which is growing. If you’ve missed out on some of his videos you can find #9Boy here on Facebook.

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