Adventures Of #9Boy

Adventures of 9BoySouth African Indian comedy has come a long way and is fast becoming the edgiest comedy collective which has gone to hit the big screens to your Facebook timelines.

One such comedian is #9Boy by Tanz Govender which has connected with many social media users who’ve in turn become loyal fans.

Adventures of 9Boy is an Indian entertainment content platform based in South Africa. We produce and publish videos, audio series and web series through its online channels at IndianSpice.

Here’s his latest for you to enjoy!

So this is Preshen’s, Rochelle’s & Aunty Vassi’s  reactions to a child’s temper tantrum (as if the child were their own in some cases) but many people think this though it’s the truth. Click here to download your copy of this video


Find a list of some of his funniest videos below!

Sneaky Phone Calls By Preshen’s Mum Vassi

Preshen gets a sneaky recording of his mom (Vassi) on the phone with her big Akka Vimla. Here’s the first phone call! As always laugh, LIKE and SHARE! click here

Who gave my mother drink?!

This time #9Boy is cornered by the aunty from the UK and it turns hilarious as usual. click here

Natasha At The Club

Two weeks ago, we featured his personal account of ‘Natasha At The Club’ which viral in a matter of hours! From Natasha’s mom screaming like a banshee as she dropped her daughter and friends off at the club, #9Boy and his friends were labeled rotters by her mom.

But the best is yet to be revealed when the real drama happened inside the club. #9Boy was left wondering if ‘Natasha’ was either needing a splash of god-lamp water or a Valpre after her performance at the bar & dance floor that left her – wait for it – high shined and redesigned. Let’s not spoil it for you, watch the video by clicking here.

Amma misses Neville Pillay From LotusFM

In this video, #9Boy is preparing to leave to Durban with the family but he couldn’t go without giving us a look into the drama from his Amma who’s radio crush is Neville Pillay from ‘Radio Lotus’. Then we get to hear more about the doily aunty to the prayers that #9Boy will be attending. Watch the video here

We’ve had the priceless opportunity to view some of his yet to-be-released videos which are bound to be absolute hits with his steady fanbase which is growing.

If you’ve missed out on some of his videos you can find #9Boy here on Facebook.