#DurbanFire Rages Destroying Factory

A noxious cloud of black smoke which continues to billow from a warehouse ablaze in the south Durban basin could result in breathing difficulties‚ according to KZN paramedics.

The warehouse‚ understood to contain wax panels and other chemicals‚ caught alight shortly after 10am.

Since then‚ firefighters and emergency service personnel have rushed to the scene and are now attempting to stop the spread of the fire.

According to a well-placed source in Disaster Management‚ 59,000 tons of wax has been lost to the fire‚ and continues to fuel the flames.

Personnel are now working to contain the fire from spreading to other parts of the warehouse‚ the source said.

Strong winds were also fueling the flames‚ but it was contained to the building‚ said Rescue Care paramedic Garrith Jamieson.

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