‘I Use My Gun I To Rob & Kill Indians, Whites’

JOHANNESBURG – Civic activist Yusuf Abramjee has laid a charge against a man who took to social media to boast about how he uses his firearm.

Yusuf Abramjee
FILE: Yusuf Abramjee. Picture: Katleho Sekhotho/EWN.

Facebook user Obatala Mcambi posted multiple times on his personal Facebook page, posting further pictures of his gun and proclaiming “kill the pigs.”Accompanied by former Gauteng Community Police Board member and attorney Andy Mashaile, Abramjee opened the case at Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria.

Mcambi posted on his Facebook page that he uses his guns to rob and kill Indians and whites.

He also posted a call to South Africans to rape white and Indian children, and infect them with HIV.

Abramjee is appealing to the police to immediately investigate this matter and bring the man to book.

“I can confirm that I opened criminal charges at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria. I’ve received a case number and I hope the police will get to the bottom of this case. He might be having a fake name or it might be his real name but we cannot sit back and allow this hatred and this incitement to violence to continue.”

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