Ahmed Kathrada In Hospital
Lalloo Chhiba visiting Kathrada after his successful surgery.

Kathrada In Unpredictable But Stable Condition

Johannesburg: South Africans and well wishers from abroad continue to pray for the full recovery of anti-Apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada as he recuperates in a Johannesburg hospital following a recent surgery to remove blood clots from his brain.

Close aide, Neeshan Bolton of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, stated that Uncle Kathy was in a stable condition.

“He is still in hospital recovering from the operation and that the recovery is not as fast as we had hoped it would be. He’s in an unpredictable condition at the moment. A lot depends on the next few days,” Bolton said.

The Foundation has restricted visits citing doctors orders. Bolton said this was to prevent any possible infections as Kathrada’s was still too weak.

“Look, he is old. Should he get any infection there’s no telling of what may happen. Therefore we are careful in all that we do.”

The 87-year-old is said to be responding with movements, but is unable to speak as he is constantly sedated.

Prior to the operation, Dr Kathrada was being treated for dehydration and when doctors ran tests and scans they picked up that a few clots had accumulated in his system.

“We have to hope for the best. We appreciate all the messages of goodwill that have been coming in from all over. We will compile them and hopefully he will read them once he’s better,” he added.

The Foundation named after him has been hard at work in targeting social justice issues and racism and has been instrumental in establishing the anti-racism week (March 14 – 25) alongside the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Anti-Racism Network of South Africa.

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