PHOTOS: Great Night Of Lord Shiva At Isha Foundation

This Mahashivratri was a night without parallel – the most incredible night. It was truly wonderful to see how everyone came together to make this happen.

Here’s the photos to inspire you to visit the site of AdiYogi. Click through our slideshow, which captures a multitude of unforgettable moments of the event. Moreover, Sadhguru allows us a deeply intimate glimpse on how he relates to Shiva through seven pieces of verse to inspire you to live life exuberantly! click here

Exuberance in tune with Existence
The Prime Minister’s helicopter approaching the venue
TN Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao, TN Chief Minister E. Palaniswami, Minister S.P. Velumani, and Sadhguru welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Sadhguru offering the now-famous Adiyogi stole to the PM in front of the Suryakund
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sadhguru taking a brisk walk to Dhyanalinga for the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana
Nandi is eternally waiting but absolutely alert, and so are the men in black
Shri Narendra Modi ji performing arati at Dhyanalinga
PM Narendra Modi offering jala abhishek at the Yogeshwar Linga in front of Adiyogi
PM Narendra Modi symbolically ringing in the golden age of Adiyogi and the yogic sciences he first transmitted
PM Narendra Modi lighting the Maha Yoga Yagna, an inspiration for Yoga Veeras to offer simple tools of yoga to people around the world
PM Narendra Modi delivering a stirring speech about yoga as a way to experience oneness with every human being and the whole of creation
United they stand to bring technologies for wellbeing to the world
Exuding pure zest for life
Beating the drum for Adiyogi
Across the grounds, thousands of damaru drums sound as one
Mahashivratri participants as far as the eye can see
A meditative moment with the Master
The powerful Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant fills the air
The fire dancers getting in formation
Arati to Adiyogi
Dexterity and precision are vital to create these spinning circles of fire
People from all over the world came together to celebrate this Mahashivratri