Wednesday , 24 April 2019
The one thing you don't do is mess with Queen Kangana, she will make you wear sperm panties later!

Ranaut Ex Lover Calls Her A ‘Cocained Actress’

The world knows, Kangana Ranaut, in her way of picking national awards, has also picked up a few foes. Apart from her big spat with Hrithik Roshan that later turned into a legal feud, Kangana has also faced flak from Shekhar and Adhayan Suman.

And more in fact when her ex, Adhayan came out in open and alleged that he was in an abusive relationship with a ‘coke-addict’!

While that was then, Shekhar Suman now is allegedly digging up old wounds while posting cryptic tweets on Twitter. If you didn’t guess it already, it also mentions a ‘cocained actress’!

But it turned ugly when son, Adhayan Suman got down to defend his father. The series of tweets exchanged will explain the ugliness better!

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