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Rory Booth

Rory Booth, The World Is His Oyster

New York is known as the city that never sleeps and that is how Rory Booth keeps his pulse on the world.

A performing stage artist, a vocalist, accomplished actor (stage, television, movies), classical indian dancer, a man with the craft of creativity that exceeds expectations. If you need motivation to do just one of the above crafts then Rory is someone that inspires!

He took some time out during his jam packed schedule to chat to me so you could get to know him up, close and personal.

Rory Booth

At what age did you decide this is the career you wanted?

I was five years old performing “There’s a hole in my bucket” in my pre-school concert. The audience was in stitches and I couldn’t understand why. When I was older, on watching the video back, I realized that the audience laughed because I was screaming into the mic and giving an ‘Oscar performance’ I felt good when I brought smiles to the faces of my audience.

What does your work mean to you? Is it fulfilling?

My work is my life. It is a representation of who I am. Whether I’m acting, singing, dancing or writing – I have completely surrendered to the arts. It is where I am most fulfilled. If it feels like work then you’re in the wrong profession.

Who are your inspirations?

I’m inspired by anyone who always keeps their eye on the prize and will soldier on to achieve their goals no matter the odds. A few of these people are my parents Basil and Wendy, my second mum Jayan Moodley, Trevor Noah, Charlize Theron and Jonathan Butler. The latter three are artists who thought big and achieved just that in their fields of expertise.

What is your favorite type of dance to learn and/or watch?

My favourite type of dance is Kathak. It is one of the eight classical Indian Dance forms most popular for its lightning fast pirouettes and intricate footwork. I’m blessed enough to be able to study the art form under the tutorage of Shri Guru Manesh Maharaj of the Kala Darshan Institute of Music and Dance.

And Rory could have not chosen any better than Guru Manesh Maharaj! Check him out here! 

What’s the three things you never leave home without?

Sunblock, My Water Bottle and My Cell phone.

Lovelife? Care to share?

Love all, Serve all.

And here sets the record straight about kissing when drunk….

I don’t kiss when I’m drunk.

When asked if I kiss drunk – i answer back in song sometimes. #singer

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Consider yourself a Masterchef in the kitchen?

I don’t have the natural knack of cooking like my big brother Jared has. I’m good at following a recipe – I’ve never went wrong with that – but if I’m left to my own devices then don’t eat if I offer you.

Do you have advice for anyone wanting to start dance or act?

Invest in our craft. This doesn’t mean that you should go do a three-year degree and then expect to be set for life – No! What I mean is that if you’re serious about acting, singing or dancing, then it should become your daily prayer – you’ve got to work at it every day – on your own!

Dance in your room, warm up your voice in the shower, watch more art house films. These are little things that I do that have become a norm in my life. If you’re thinking about the fame more than the art then I suggest you think of another career path.

What is your favorite TV show?

I love the Big Bang Theory, House of Cards and the Mindy Project.

What is your favorite past TV show?

Parks and Recreation.

If you were stuck in one TV show which one would it have to be?

The Mindy Project. I’m obsessed with the way Mindy kahling writes.

What is your favorite movie?

Nacho Libre. It’s my Cult favourite. Every time I watch it, it’s like it’s the first time.

What was the last movie you saw in the movie theatre?

Keeping Up With the Kandasamys. Haha.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love swimming at the crack of dawn in the tidal pool at Anstey’s Beach. I also love catching up on film and series.

What is your favorite restaurant/food place where you live?

I love Unity in Musgrave for chilling with friends. To eat I choose Spiga D’oro in Florida Road – they make the best Linguine Di Casa

Do you have any pets?

Yes. I have a Boerboel named Caesar and a Rabbit named Roger.

(However, the rabbit demanded royalty fees if I used his picture on IndianSpice so unfortunately no Roger)

Rory Booth

If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

Higher Ground – UB40 | Your Love keeps lifting me – Jackie Wilson | Anytime you Need a Friend – Mariah Carey

What charity is closest to your heart?

CANSA. I’ve offered my talents to their ‘Night of 100 stars’ for the past 7 years. They’re even closer to my heart now after my mum walked the Canver road last year.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that is always on your mind?

It’s my own quotes ‘ Be humble, before you crumble’ and ‘If you know better and still allow mediocracy in your life then celebrate silver with a smile.’

Best travel experience, what made it a special memory?

M y recent solo travel to Berlin. It was my first time traveling alone! I loved the feeling of being alone in an unknown land!

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