Ahmed Kathrada
Image Credit: GroundUp

There’s An Ahmed Kathrada In Each Of Us

Dr. Ahmed Kathrada is no stranger to the people of South Africa; today the strength in numbers of those who are praying for his recovery is admirable.

Uncle Kathy is truly an inspirational South African.

If we had to travel back in time and remove him from the episode of being part of Rivonia trialists, he would still be as recognized for his efforts towards nation building and being a model citizen.

At age 85, Dr Kathrada joined the students at Wits University still inspiring and giving them courage as they stood for access to affordable education. When all other comrades remained behind their corporate and political lines, Dr Kathrada stepped forward and embraced the future leadership of South Africa reminding them that the spirit of democracy is alive and kicking at his age.

Ahmed Kathrada
Image Credit: GroundUp

He carries on his shoulders the cross of late comrades Walter Sisulu and Madiba, I am sure he must feel alone sometimes without his fellow inmates. However, he still forges ahead, beyond a frail body, Kathrada reminds every South African – I am here and I have not abandoned our cause – this is his message to each and every single person.

Today, Dr Kathrada at age 87 is still a fighter, while he recovers slowly but surely, the nation, over the past week have been inspirational in their messages of support, prayers and positivity for Uncle Kathy.

We would like to extend their heartiest best wishes during his period of recovery. Strength and love to you, Uncle Kathy!

About Ahmed Kathrada

Deepening non racialism, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation aims to promote a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa.

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