#BlackMonday A Movement To Unite South Africans

#Blackmonday a movement that was created by ordinary concerned citizens of South Africa aims to present a united voice for all South Africans to stand behind without any political affiliation.

Support for this cause includes the axed Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan who is said to be the inspiration behind the movement “as a symbol of standing up for the constitution”. 

Catherine Constantinides, a human rights activist and executive director of Miss Earth South Africa, says more solidarity is needed.

Black Monday South Africa

“We need to stand together in solidarity behind mass mobilisation. This is on the back of Pravin Gordhan’s call for community members and ordinary South Africans to stand up and do something to save our country.”

Gordhan and Jonas told civil society and the media at a press briefing on Friday that South Africans should be aware of what is happening in the country, with Gordhan saying we need to “connect the dots”.

“All of us as South Africans should wake up and smell the coffee. All of us have an interest of making sure our country remains stable, our economy grows, inequality is addressed and jobs are created. When things turn to be ugly and bad, institutions are weakened and development suffers. We are probably at crossroads in South Africa, and we should not take this lightly. There are very big lessons we have to take from this as a country,” said Jonas.

The Black Monday website outlines the following:

We acknowledge that:

‐ The time has come for all of us to unite behind the values enshrined in our Constitution

‐ That there is a duty on all of us to uphold and protect these values by holding our government accountable to their Constitutional mandate

We wish to dispel the myth that these irrational actions have and will contribute to our economy.

As a sign of our discontentment, we invite all disapproving South Africans to stand together behind the #BlackMonday movement. This coming Monday (3rd April 2017) we will all wear black in solidarity and use the tag to further the cause.

We can no longer be passive. Let us start the change we wish to see in our beloved country, and save the legacy that Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada and liberation leaders fought for.

While the Black Monday debate gains momentum online, with racial lines being drawn by black Twitter users, it remains to be seen what kind of support the movement will receive from South Africans tomorrow.

Constantinides says they want to expand the campaign, until they change becomes a reality.

“We are going have to see if we can do a Black Monday until action happens. Change is going to come, but it’s going to take active citizens to stand up and do something every single day.

We may not all be able to take to the streets, for those who can take to the streets we encourage them to do so to stand for our constitution.”

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