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KS Chithra Praises Pakistan Woman Singing Rajahamsame

A Pakistani woman has earned the praise of legendary singer KS Chithra for her rendition of the evergreen Malayalam song Rajahamsame.

While the original was sung by Chithra for the 1993 film Chamayam, Nazia Amin Mohammed’s beautiful cover won over many hearts, including the singer’s.

“I had just seen a beautiful rendition of my famous Malayalam film song sung by a Pakistani girl. Any more info on her? Thanks Nazia Amin Mohammad. Music has no cast, creed or language. God bless you,” Chithra posted on Facebook with the video of Nazia singing the song.

Thrilled to bits, Nazia replied to Chithra writing,

“I am in tears! And am Speechless too! Don’t know how to thank you! Thank you soooooo much! I was born in Karachi. Never got a Chance to learn Music… Wish I could learn Classical…. So I am just trying to Use my Voice for spreading Love between the Nations to remove borders and barriers…. You are my True Inspiration! Your words will remain in my heart throughout my life! I wish I could meet you in person! Love you so much: I need your blessings! and the prayers of Entire Kerala and India too.”

While Nazia’s Rajahamsame has over 1 lakh views and counting, it’s not the first time the Pakistani singer is making waves on social media.

Remember her rendition of Malare from the film Premam? Visit her page here

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