devi sankaree govender

Devi Sankaree-Govender Afraid To Sleep After Tremor Hits

Devi Sankaree-Govender who is on a short holiday in the city of Durban took to social media minutes after earth tremors hit the city. ย The hard-hitting, no nonsense television journalist was on the 6th floor building when it struck.

devi sankaree earth tremor

She grabbed her cellphone and exited the fire escape, we’re glad she did take her phone. How else did you expect us to know about her experience if she didn’t tweet.

Devi sankaree govender durban earth tremor

And Devi has this edgy humor we love, whether she is having a conversation with us or tweeting – expect her to be on point with her feelings.

Devi sankaree govender durban earth tremor

We feel your anguish Devi, pour a shot after midnight it helps. Sleep tight!

Devi sankaree govender durban earth tremor


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