When You Sleep@10 This Is What Happens

If you are wondering how to get uninterrupted sleep, then this will help. We have a list of things which people usually do to get a good sleep. Maybe you can try them out too!

1. Take a long, warm shower with sweet-smelling essential oils.

Damon taking bath


Fragrances such as lavender or jasmine will help you relax and calm you down. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to your bath water and de-stress after a long day at work. You can set up aromatic candles in your bathroom too.

2. Create the perfect ambience before you head over to sleep.

Little mermaid


Clean your room of the whole day’s mess, dab some perfume and make your bed with some fresh bed sheets and pillow covers. When your surroundings are neat and soothing, you will be able to relax easily and put yourself to sleep sooner. Don’t forget the dim lights! (Fairy lights are always magical.)

3. Let your bed exclusively be for sleeping.

Harry Potter


Keep your bed as the ONLY-FOR-SLEEPING zone! Whether it is working, eating or catching up some shows on your laptop or phone, do it all away from the bed. Condition your mind to think that the bed is meant strictly for sleeping. So, when you actually come and fall flat on it, your brain will know just what to do next.

4. Read or listen to something soothing.

Sonam Kapoor


Pick up your favourite romantic novel and read for a while, or create a playlist with some nice instrumental songs that can put you to sleep. This will not just take your mind off all the tension you had during the day, but will probably help you get some good dreams too!

5. Tell yourself a story.



Be your own storyteller and just create some happy, imaginary tales for yourself. It can be anything that would make you happy and relaxed. You can even pen down your thoughts.

6. Zone yourself out.

Katrina sleeping


Set a schedule for yourself. Dedicate 10pm-6am as your sleeping hours, and during these hours just put your phone on sleep mode and shut yourself from every other activity. You always have a new day waiting for you, and anything that isn’t super-urgent can always be done the next morning. So, just recite your prayers and zone yourself out of the world, and get into your own dreamland.

Without good sleep, you won’t be able to function properly at all the next day. You need to sleep well, and do anything it takes to get your rest! Most of us, anyway have to struggle to get good sleep.

So, we need to keep a check on how good our sleep is. The Sleep-O-Meter at gives a Sleep Score, which will help you analyze your sleep. You can even get more hacks on how to sleep better on this site. The sleep@10 initiative aims to spread awareness about the importance of good sleep for our mental & physical well being. Watch this video to know more about what happens when you sleep.

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