Pravin Gordhan

Gordhan Takes Shots At President Jacob Zuma

Last night saw the first of 4 memorials that civil society have organized in memory of the late ANC veteran, Ahmed Kathrada. Uncle Kathy as he was affectionately known had passed away on 28 March 2017 at the age of 87.

Pravin Gordhan

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was present as a guest speaker at the memorial spoke at length on the legacy that Kathrada had left behind for common South Africans.

The work for protection of the South African legacy of democracy has just begun was Gordhan’s message to guests at the public memorial.

“For Kathy, OR Tambo it was part of their DNA It was part of their system, that’s why they could say ‘you can take my life’,” said Gordhan

However this was not all, Gordhan also took the opportunity to fire direct shots at President Jacob Zuma and even Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini.

Gordhan stated the last 10 days in SA have been ‘fascinating’ to which the audience agreed in jest

“Some people are interpreting my appearance on these platforms and campaigning as me wanting my job back. This is not about me or Mcebisi Jonas. I don’t want my job back. I was meant to retire a long time ago. But don’t try to malign me. I didn’t apply for this job. I was asked to take it on,” Gordhan said.

Gordhan says that the past generation taught them of the values selflessness, nowadays it’s about ‘what can I get for myself’

#PravinGordhan: democracy requires us to remember the constitution, remember the rule of law #KathradaMemorial

Gordhan went on to state that his presence at the event was not to mobilize anybody but his job now was to teach everyone more about Kathrada.

On the Finance ministry, Gordhan warned people that, “there’s a new phenomenon that the Rand can fall, all you have to do is pick it up & that’s misleading the poor.”

The axed Gordhan also said that he has never maligned a colleague in public space however this was the exception.

“There’s a limit to the lies one can tolerate. Don’t blame the CEO of SASSA or the Treasury and leave 17 million people in anxiety. Take ownership and say I did not keep an eye on this as I should have,” Gordhan said of the embattled Bathabile Dlamini.

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