Son Beheads Mom As Offering To Goddess Kali

A young man in West Bengal state in Eastern India has decapitated his mother as an offering to Goddess Kali.


The incident occurred on Friday evening when she was cleaning the compound of the Kali temple. According to police authorities it is said that the accused Narayan Mahato (35) had sliced off the head of his mother Phuli Mahato (55) with a khargo which is a sharp-edged blade, used to sacrifice animals during worship.

Narayan, is the youngest son of the woman, then went to the residence of his elder brother with the blood-smeared weapon and claimed that their mother had beheaded herself before the idol, said the police.

The elder son had rushed to the house with the accused and discovered the severed head of their mother lying in a pool of blood with the torso some distance away. This is when the police were informed The accused has been taken into the custody of police late Friday night and following interrogation, he confessed having beheaded his mother to calm the the goddess.

The accused explained that the goddess Kali ‘had asked him in dream to kill his mother for the well-being of the family’ , the officer said.

Neighbours said the accused was a ‘tantric’ who performed occult rituals and had installed the Kali temple at his home.

The matter is currently under investigation.

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