The Annual Easter Prayer Festival In Mt. Edgecombe

The 127th Annual Easter Prayer Festival at the Shri Marieammen Temple in Mt. Edgecombe has commenced. This unique South African Easter Prayer concept is born from the indenture history. Approximately 300, 000 devotees will participate in this annual Easter pilgrimage to pay homage to Goddess Marieammen during this 127th Easter Prayer Festival.

Our Indian Indentured forefathers worked long hours from sunrise to sunset in the sugar estates and had very little or no time to observe and celebrate their many festivals and religious days.

When the Christian sugar estate owners closed over the Easter period for the religious observance and holidays, the Hindu Indians decided to use their time off to also give thanks and pray and since most indentured labourers came from villages in Southern India, Goddess Marieamman was their family deity and hence, the worship of Marieammen during Easter.

Many countries across the Indian Diaspora globally have similar stories to tell about their unique practises in their adopted countries.

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