Tiger Shroff Trashed Yet Again By Ram Gopal Verma

You shouldn’t drink and drive, but when it comes to Ram Gopal Verma, the warning should say “don’t drink and talk”.  RGV has been tweeting about a face-off between Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal, for nothing but his own amusement.

But when Vidyut Jammwal tweeted a recorded conversation with an allegedly drunken RGV, all hell broke loose. If the voice in the recording is indeed Ram Gopal Verma, and chances are that it is, since the filmmaker hasn’t even denied it in a single tweet, it’s clear that he has a LOT to say about Baaghi actor Tiger Shroff.

The most shocking part of it is when he calls Tiger a woman, or rather, a transgender. But then again, is anything about what Ram Gopal Verma says on Twitter shocking anymore?

There’s no stopping RGV when he’s talking about Tiger Shroff. While his tweets seem to be full of sarcasm, in the audio recording shared by Jammwal, RGV is downright brutal in his opinion of him.

And then he drags in Bruce Lee’s name.

ram gopal verma

 Vidyut Jammwal, an actor and martial artist, made his conversation with RGV public, and it brought the sarcasm right back into the filmmaker’s tweets.

Soon enough, RGV realised his drunken folly and apologised to both Vidyut and Tiger for the ‘irritation caused’.

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