WATCH: Jacob Zuma’s Coffin Being Carried

Thousands of people gathered at Church Square in Pretoria yesterday for the National Day of Action march organised by opposition political parties.

By 10am‚ people of different political views and races had arrived with the majority of people are dressed in EFF shirts.  The IFP‚ UDM‚ DA and ACDP also arrived in their numbers as the day progressed. EFF  leager, CIC Julius Sello Malema addressed the early risers motivating them to march in unity for one purpose – to unseat the current President, Jacob Zuma.


A mock coffin‚ bearing Zuma’s name and draped in the ANC flag‚ was hoisted by some protesters. The square went silent as the national anthem was sung‚ many stopping in their tracks to raise a hand to their hearts as they sang.



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