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Gupta Event To Be Met With Protest By SA Gujarati’s

JOHANNESBURG – The Gujarati community network of South Africa are calling upon ther members and SA citizens to boycott an event allegedly hosted by the Gupta family in Saxonwold this weekend.

The annual religious event is scheduled for a period of eight days at the military museum close to the family’s compound. The event is set to be starting off on Sunday (16 April).

Gupta's South Africa

Some community members say they don’t want to associate themselves with the controversial family amid increasing calls for the Guptas to leave the country.  The family is accused of wielding enormous political influence in South Africa, with critics alleging that it is trying to “capture the state” to advance its business interests.

The call for tomorrow’s boycott comes swiftly amid the turmoil that South Africa is facing following the Jacob Zuma cabinet reshuffle.

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Last week scores of citizens of South Africa gathered in protest outside their heavily guarded family Sahara Estate in Johannesburg. The property comprises at least four mansions thatcan be seen from the tree-lined avenue. The estate is now valued at about 52 million rand.

The complex even boasts a helicopter pad, while the family enjoys the services of five personal chefs and regularly travels with bodyguards.

Now the Gujarati community is calling on its members to boycott a religious event starting this Sunday, which is allegedly being hosted by the Guptas.

The Gupta family is sponsoring buses, meals and entertainment for hundreds of people over the eight-day period. But community members and a group of concerned citizens say hypocritical for the Guptas to host this spiritual event especially during a national crisis.

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