Gupta’s Threaten Action Against Gujarati Network

The lawyer representing the Guptas says the family will approach the court and claim for damages if the religious event they’re hosting in Saxonwold is not successful.

The Gujarati Network in South Africa is calling on its members to boycott the event.

It’s understood the annual religious event is set down for eight days at the military museum close to the family’s compound. It’s expected to kick off on Sunday (16 April).

Attorney Gert van der Merwe says it’s unfortunate that some groups have decided to boycott the religious event that is being hosted by his clients.

Van der Merwe says he’s told the organisations that this move is ill-conceived.

“It’s unfortunate that people would stoop so low as to attack someone’s religious beliefs. We hope that they abide by what I asked them. If not, I will advise the family to either approach the court for an interdict or claim damages afterwards if they cause the event to be unsuccessful.”

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