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Lotus FM Radio Jocks Need Monitoring

Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labour, depriving them of their childhood, their health and education, and condemning them to a life of poverty and want.

To trivialize child labour on a national radio station to thousands of listeners – not millions of listeners as their audience numbers have dropped – is equally damning and an endorsement justifying child labour.

This is what happened this past Friday afternoon on SABC’s ethnic lifestyle radio station LotusFM. 

Lotus FM

Some 120 million among them are below the age of 14, while a further 30 million children in this age group – mostly girls – perform unpaid household chores within their own families. In addition, millions of children suffer in the other worst forms of child labour, including slavery and slavery-like practices such as forced and bonded labour and child soldiering, sexual exploitation, or are used by adults in illicit activities, including drug trafficking.

byron david lotusfmThe afternoon drive team of LotusFM anchored by Byron David had a discussion relating to some irrelevant subject, so much to the point we cannot recall the subject matter. However, David’s comment encouraged his co-anchors in think of the ‘children working in a factory abroad and should support them.’

This type of recklessness on radio cannot be tolerated when it violates basic human rights and the station needs to air an apology.

This is not the first time Lotus FM has allowed these misdemeanours to occur on their airwaves. 

My first run in with the station was when I called them out twice on hate speech against the LGBT community on the Gospel Hour show but the station just never bothered to respond to my queries. I don’t expect much of a response here on the latest mistakes made on air.

Earlier in the week the Lotus FM’s Morning Rush team engaged in similar behavior where eNCA journalist, Jody Jacobs’s was implicated.

A story by the eNCA journalist was replicated for the intent of a parody, where listeners might find funny and then others find it just a cheap shot at an attempt of comedy.

The problem with this type of free rein accorded to some radio jocks need better monitoring, the parody is an insult to the journalist in our opinion and damages the credibility and reputation of the work that he does.

The Indian radio station in 2016 has reportedly lost about a third of its listeners, with its average listener numbers falling by about 130,000, from 390,000 to 260,000. I would shudder to think what the latest statistics report.

Investigations are ongoing into activities at the station and the broadcaster as a whole.

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