GuptaKatha: Maha Sabha Defends Right To Worship

The Gupta’s religious 8-day event has run into clashes with the public and the Black Land First supporters who stood guard outside the event since Sunday. The Gujarati Network of South Africa have lobbied members of the South African and Hindu communities to refrain from participating in the Gupta Katha as the family do not uphold the values that the religious affair speaks of.

The religious event known as a Katha, kicked off on Sunday at the Saxonwold Military Museum, the Johannesburg against Injustice (JAI) organisation and the Black First Land First (BLF) group clashed outside the venue.

Speaking to a leading Durban paper, Ashwin Trikamjee, president of the Hindu Maha Sabha, said there was a responsibility for Hindus and other faith groups to respect the right to worship so long as it did not amount to a breach of morality.  He said the constitution guaranteed freedom of speech, culture and religion.


WATCH: Black First Land First and Save SA almost clash outside the Military Museum where the Gupta family is hosting the Katha

Meanwhile inside the event,

Gupta Katha Gupta Katha Gupta Katha Gupta Katha Gupta Katha

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