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Krish Naidoo A Liar & Gupta’s Are Good To SA

Former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng held his own conference “to address all the pending matters” at the broadcaster. 

After almost an hour of praise singing, the embattled Hlaudi Motsoeneng took to the podium to criticize the current state of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) including its financial status‚ 90% local content‚ the security and vetting of staff‚ a controversial contract the SABC concluded with MultiChoice‚ and its new board members.

Motsoeneng still affirms that his policy of the 90/10 is a sound solution for the country using the defense that Broadcasting Act justifies his move. He is adamant that the move to scrap the content reform will be detrimental to artists in South Africa.

Let me tell you about Krish Naidoo

When you be a sellout, you will be a sellout forever. Why Krish Naidoo is there? – Hlaudi

Hlaudi Motsoeneng labels Krish Naidoo as a liar. He went on to state that Krish Naidoo to pushed agenda’s for political means.

Krish Naidoo SABC

He also claims that Krish Naidoo had lied under oath when he was appearing in front of the Parliamentary Ad-hoc committee. Motsoeneng tackled the SABC 8 and criticized the presence of one of the SABC Eight as part o the interim SABC board.

How can Krish Naidoo be a board member who also works at Luthuli House? – Hlaudi

“Naidoo apparently works at Luthuli House and even if it’s the ANC, there are divisions in the ANC, says Naidoo is not trustworthy.”

The SABC Eight

The SABC 8 have apparently not won the battle against him (Hlaudi) according to Motsoeneng in a sarcastic tone. He has criticized their journalism ethic and the attempts to slander President Jacob Zuma. He claims that there are minutes available that support his statements.

Gupta’s Good For SA

The Gupta’s were also part of this agenda; Motsoeneng claims that the SABC is not involved in funding the Gupta channel ANN7.

Motsoeneng jumped to the defense of the Gupta businesses as they assist South Africans by providing jobs to them. He also claims that some of the ANC have turned their backs on the Gupta’s and that the TNA Breakfast Briefing aided South Africans, however he did not clarify how.

Here are the highlights of what Motsoeneng had to state.

  1. I think the Minister of Arts and Culture, including Communications, need to regulate all media spheres. #Hlaudi
  2. The adhoc committee caused havoc
  3. When I was at #SABC I spoke to investors. I took advertisers head on to support local content.
  4. When I was at #SABC I spoke to investors. I took advertisers head on to support local content.
  5. Let me tell you about Krish Naidoo, When you be a sellout, you will be a sellout forever. Why Krish Naidoo is there?
  6. Krish Naidoo is the one to congratulate Mr. Motsoeneng. Let us congratulate this man, he has done well.
  7. Krish Naidoo lied under oath. Where is the process of disciplinary action?
  8. When I was there (SABC), money was there.
  9. #Hlaudi “I wont deal with issues of finances at SABC. But when I was there- money was there” SM

Talking about himself as a third person has become a standard Hlaudism

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