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India Is Taking Full Advantage Of VR

Virtual reality has grown far more widespread in the last two years, and its uses are expanding. Despite this, most of what we hear about tends to focus on video games. Video games popular all over the world, and the idea of playing in a new, immersive format is enticing for many people. But VR has many other applications, and India has shown interest in exploring a lot of them.

There is already a platform offering VR-based exploration of the country, which is something that people have been taking about for a long time.

VR Goggles

Some people like the idea of using VR to check out foreign countries before taking their own trip, while others want to use it instead of actual tourism to “see” beautiful parts of the world without actually having to spend money on travel. Whatever the case, India is packed with destinations that many people around the world would love to see, and virtual reality is making it possible for them to experience these sights like never before.

We’re also seeing an interesting twist on the idea of VR getting involved with the Indian film industry. It has been assumed that entire films will be released in VR in a few years, so audience members can enjoy the action from a real first-person perspective.

Instead of taking this approach just yet, the people behind the movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion have organized a live virtual reality event that will allow audiences to tune in for a pre-release premiere. It’s giving the red carpet treatment to ordinary fans, and allowing them a unique viewing experience before the project even reaches theatres.

Sticking with the idea of entertainment, there is also significant potential for the casino industry in India to take advantage of VR platforms. In recent years, online casino sites have begun to offer something called live dealer gameplay that allows players to interact with actual human dealers through a video feed. Consequently, live dealer casinos have begun to offer many of the most popular titles, providing a new type of gaming for players everywhere. VR developers are also starting to explore the casino genre, and it’s not hard to connect the dots. India has had a fairly active online casino community for a long time, and with interactive trends like live dealer gaming already becoming popular, it makes sense that VR will soon adopt similar options.

That covers three potentially major categories in travel, film, and digital entertainment. But to end on a more serious note, we’ve also seen early evidence of the Indian military taking advantage of VR technology. The army is trying to get virtual reality simulators in order to train commandos for counter-terrorism operations in certain parts of the country. More than any other developments, this speaks to the incredibly realistic quality of the virtual reality systems that have emerged in the last few years.

Put it all together, and India as a whole appears to be taking full advantage of one of the more exciting technological developments to come along in a while. As India continues to develop as a tech powerhouse it’s will be interesting to see what happens next.

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