Manesh Maharaj Presents A Solo Kathak Recital

TRIDHARA – A solo Kathak performance by Shri Manesh Maharaj accompanied by Shri Revash Dookhi on Tabla & Shri Moganathan Chetty on Mridangam.

Tridhara aims to transcend various, music and dance identities to present art through a comprehensive idiom. The sounds of the Mridangam have always managed to inspire & get my feet tapping. The desire for this to manifest on stage through a complete work comes to fruition in Tridhara. Communicating through the universal language of music forms the core of this innovative offering layered with the challenging quest to extract Rasa (the essence of emotive states) through percussive sounds whilst restraining the use of melody.

Tridhara (three streams) comprises 3 Layas or tempi set to Teentaal – a 16 beat time cycle. The Taal presents the perfect canvas upon which the artists etch aesthetic designs exploring time, space, mood & energy.

The opening segment in Vilambit Lay or slow tempo titled ‘Nrittarpan’ explores pure dance in Kathak bringing to light the complexities and play of rhythm which form the hallmark of Kathak. It is a gradual unfolding of the Taal as the artists adorn the lay with the sheer beauty of rhythmic compositions & improvisation.

The second component set to Madhyalay or medium tempo titled ‘Kavitavali’ introduces poetry which replaces the mnemonics whilst retaining the rhythmic vibrance. This presentation of poetic recitation is unique to Kathak bringing to light a descriptive element. Kavits describe the qualities of a deity or scriptural episode and borders between Nritta & Nritya.

The third & final segment set to Drut Lay or fast tempo, titled ‘Bhavarang’ delves into Abhinay or expression. The artists employ the story telling aspects of Kathak known as ‘Gath Bhav’ to portray various episodes in great detail, which are devoid of Sahitya or lyrics. The Tabla & Mridangam provide the means for the Kathakar to express & communicate his message.

Tridhara is a celebration of Shastriya Sangeet as a transcendental language connecting 3 artists from different backgrounds through spirit & their love of music. It stays true to the sanctity of the classical whilst reflecting a strong conviction of the artist’s creativity and the desire to communicate this work with the highest truth.

I am honoured to make this special offering with two brilliant percussionists who share my passion for Shastriya Sangeet and who epitomize humility.

Tridhara is a high-octane 75 minute exposition of Kathak. A rich music score, vibrant choreography and pulsating rhythms make it appealing to a diverse audience. Tridhara embarks on its journey in 2017and we look forward to sharing its magic with you.

SHRI MANESH MAHARAJ (Kathak) is a disciple of legendary Kathak Guru, the late Sushri Madhurita Sarang. He is the only Kathakar in South Africa actively performing full length solo Kathak recitals both locally and abroad. He is a graduate of the renowned Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai where he obtained his Sangeet Visharad (B.MUS) in Hindustani vocal music and Sitar. Manesh is presently the artistic director of Kala Darshan – Institute of classical music and dance which is aimed at the propagation of Shastriya Sangeet in South Africa.

SHRI REVASH DOOKHI (Tabla) is a disciple of Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkarji from Pune, India. A traffic and civil engineer by profession, he is an exceptionally talented percussionist who has devoted his time and energy towards the preservation and advancement of the Tabla in South Africa through performances and by imparting his knowledge to the younger generation. He is a versatile artist who has accompanied vocalists, instrumentalists & dancers. Revash is one of the very few solo Tabla exponents in South Africa. 

SHRI MOGANATHAN CHETTY (Mridangam) hails from a musical family having trained in Mridangam and Tabla from his mentor and father, the late. Mr Soobramoney Chetty. He started his musical journey at a very young age and continues with his passion for preserving and propagating the art of Mridangam playing. Moganathan is a highly accomplished and well respected percussionist. He is a much sought-after artist who has performed extensively in South Africa having accompanied many local and overseas artists. He is presently under the guidance of Guru Sivanathan Pillay.

THE TRIO          

Based in South Africa – Durban, Manesh Maharaj, Revash Dookhi and Moganathan Chetty share a common vocation & passion to uplift Hindustani classical music & dance. Their collaboration in TRIDHARA reflects a deep commitment and devotion to their respective art forms, a sacred thread connecting each artist in a quest to communicate their message. Strictly adhering to the sanctity of Shastriya Sangeet, they are visionaries & firm believers of the ‘now’, creating a sense of immediacy with the audience elevating one from the mundane to the ethereal. Their work connects all who share a natural empathy for life.

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