Shah Rukh Khan TED Talk

SRK Nails TED Talk With No Darr!

Vancouver Canada: Shah Rukh Khan took over Vancouver, Canada at TED Talks 2017, where he was invited to speak for the very first time.

Shah Rukh Khan TED Talk

And, naturally, the star oozed charisma of unmatched level and floored all with his words. Dripping with wit, sarcasm, and motivation, SRK’s TED Speech received a roaring applause from one and all. And, why not? He is eloquent with his words that do hold the power to change lives.

No dubbing or ad-libbing. Shah Rukh Khan simply hit it out of the park. Aced it. Wowed everyone.

Of course he would. Those who go beyond tinsel town and celluloid would know that before and beyond Bollywood, this most celebrated of movie stars (a mere 24.5 million Twitter followers; just five million shy of Narendra Modi and Donald Trump) was part of a Delhi theater group. It showed in the ease of delivery — sans prompter and cues — on arguably the world’s toughest stage, in front of an intellectual powerhouse: the annual TED conference of nerdy brainiacs and highbrow geeks.

Not only the King of Bollywood, he is also the King of Speeches.

Ah! Is it just me or even you can listen to or read his words, all day long?

With SRKisms handy, Shah Rukh Khan is the first Indian actor to deliver a speech there. And, we’re sure that it will be remembered for times to come. Here are the best citations by SRK from the event.

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