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Nine Movies From Priyanka Chopra This Year!

With her hit US TV show, Quantico, taking the world by storm, Priyanka Chopra has changed the norms. The actress is also scheduled to land in South Africa this May.

While most Indians have been stereotyped in the West and are expected to speak and behave in a certain way, PC has challenged all naysayers and created a space for herself as Alex Parish.

“That was my quest. When I lived in America, I didn’t see anybody who looked like us on television,” said Priyanka.

“My favorite was Buffy The Vampire Slayer on television because that was my teenage idol. I grew up watching that. And that’s fine. When I got the opportunities to work there, because I came from the position that Hindi films gave me, I was quite clear that I wouldn’t compromise on the position that I have. I didn’t want to do the stereotypes of Apu in the Simpsons, of my Punjabi wedding, the loud boisterous character, or whatever the stereotypes are, that we’re put in a box for. Logically we’re one-fifth of the world’s population, we should have representation in global cinema. We live everywhere, we don’t just live in India so it’s natural that it should happen. People should fight for it, Indian talent needs to stand up for themselves, be proud about the fact that we are as prolific and we know our jobs, and walk in the room with sense of self,” she added.

While reports suggest that Quantico will be renewed for a third season, Priyanka Chopra insists that the network (ABC) hasn’t given an official confirmation yet.

An announcement will be made in May, said Priyanka. “Depending on that, I’ve shortlisted three Hindi films for myself as an actor, I’m doing 6 as a producer this year, which I’m excited about. I cannot announce them (films) because I don’tknow my dates yet and it’s not fair for Quantico, cause that’s priority, it’s my commitment, I’m under contract with them (ABC) so everything else has to be moved around that for the new season, so once we know my schedule, it will be clear.”

As a producer, it’s been a good year for Priyanka Chopra’s production house titled Purple Pebble Pictures. Her maiden venture, the Marathi film Ventilator bagged not one, but three National Awards this year. PC, the creative head, and her mother, the business head, are often at loggerheads over budget issues, but the duo have 6 films lined up including a Bengali film, a Sikkimese film and a Kannada film.

“Whether it’s directors or actors or musicians, I want to be able to launch influx of new talent into the film industry and I want that to be my contribution and also I don’t want to compromise on the kind of storytelling I like to do,” Priyanka said. There’s also one Hindi film in the pipeline. “Yes I have green lit one right now, it’s still in development. I don’t know when we will do it and I don’t know who’s gonna be in it. But we’re developing it at the moment,” Priyanka confirmed.

Till then, the former Miss World will focus on regional cinema. “The idea was to give support to films and filmmakers in languages that don’t get that and I’m really happy that that’s exactly what’s happening, because good cinema and good films is what is being responded to.

I don’t think it’s about regional vs Hindi anymore, people are liking good content. Baahubali got its opening because it’s a good film, that’s it. No one would have spent that kind of money otherwise,’ concluded PC.

Source: India Today

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