airport times bollywood concert

Postponed Bollywood Concert Leaves South Africans Furious

South African fans of Bollywood have unleashed a slew of fury as the much anticipated concert in Durban, ‘A Night With the Stars Reloaded’ was postponed at the 11th hour.

airport times bollywood concert

The headline acts Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit, Sonakshi Sinha, Harshdeep Kaur and Ankit Tiwari were scheduled to perform at Moses Mabhida Stadium this Saturday, 29 April.

The organisers of the show, Airport Times had announced the postponement which has been met with anger from patrons, some of whom had flown in from various parts of the country. Tickets for the event cost between R285 to R2 000 for front-row seats, and Dixit and Sinha endorsed the event in promotional videos, posted on the Airport Times Facebook page, for their tour, urging people to get their tickets to see them perform.

The  show has now been tentatively rescheduled for May 12.

The reason for the delay, said organisers Airport Times, was caused by a glitch in the issuing of visas.

The stars’ fans, however, are livid at the last-minute changes, with some upset that the message of the postponement was not communicated properly.

The Durban-based organisers posted on their Facebook page: “Good Morning All Patrons, Due to unforeseen circumstances A Night of the Stars Reloaded Event has been postponed to a further date which will be announced.

“All the tickets will remain the same, the artists will be the same, the venue will be the same, so please hold on to your tickets.

“We thank your for your support and understanding and must apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Sadhana Dayanand, of Airport Times, said they were very sympathetic to people who had spent money on transport arrangements to get to the stadium on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, this was out of our control. We have also incurred financial losses as a result as some things were paid for already,” said Dayanand.

“We don’t know the reasons for the (visa) delays but it is being sorted and the show will go on at a later date with the same artists, and people will be able to use their tickets for the same seats they booked,” she said.

Earlier on Friday, when news of the postponement spread, Dayanand took a swipe at the municipality, saying it did not support “Indian events”.

“The various departments and individuals that were contacted for support for a massive Bollywood event which is due to take place in the City of Durban at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, has incurred many obstacles due to it being a Bollywood Indian event.

“The support request process was initiated in January and, to date, all we got from Council was that there is no budget. If there is no budget, then the question arises as to how the city makes the budget possible for a non-Indian event whereby there is millions laid out? I am sure if this is audited, then several council employees will be brought to book,” Dayanand wrote in an email which she asked to be made public.

She added: “The question I ask is that, assistance will only be offered if we conform to bribery and corruption then I would receive the support? But my culture is not up for sale!”

Source Inputs: Facebook, Airport Times, IOL

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