Helen Zille Tweet colonialism

Helen Zille To Face Disciplinary Action

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille will face disciplinary action after her party decided to charge her over her colonialism tweets.

This follows an investigation into her tweets by the party’s federal legal commission. The disciplinary action will also look at statements Zille made following the tweets.

This may include a speech she made at the Western Cape Provincial legislature where she said her tweets were a statement of fact.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane told a media briefing in Cape Town that it was not an easy decision to take for his party.

“The charge against Ms Zille is that she has allegedly violated the party’s federal constitution by acting in a manner which has brought the PARTY into disrepute‚ ” said Maimane.

He said the hearing will also establish if Zille contravened three other sections of the DA’s constitution.


Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs) have had a snap debate over Zille’s tweets following complaints from the African National Congress (ANC), which accuses the Premier of breaking her oath of office.

The ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters have called on Zille to either resign or for the Democratic Alliance recall her for tweeting that the legacy of colonialism was not only negative.

Zille has reiterated that her tweets were not justifying or praising colonialism or apartheid.

She says colonialism had a diabolical impact on the world and South Africa was not spared.

“This was the very premise of my tweets, anyone who read them without a personal or political agenda would have understood that.”

The Premier adds her statements were not meant to cause harm.

“But if there was anyone who genuinely thought that I was defending, praising or justifying colonialism I apologise unreservedly and stress that this was not so.”

Zille also used her efforts in the fight against apartheid as an anecdote to reject claims she supports the unjust system.

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