Oh No! Deepika & Katrina Are Heading For A Spat

Deepika Padukone’s sultry moves in the Raabta title track may have wowed fans, but if a report in Pinkvilla is to be believed, the actor is not happy. Apparently, Deepika is miffed with Katrina Kaif for taking the spotlight away from her song by making an Instagram debut the same day.

A source is quoted as saying, “Deepika’s team is a little disappointed that Katrina stole their Raabta thunder with her Instagram debut. The thing is, they could not make any last minute changes to the song release date. However, this incident certainly dampened the spirit of the Raabta team including Deepika.”

Katrina Kaif, who only had a Facebook account so far, made her fans happy by joining the photo-blogging site. In her first post, Kat shared a picture of herself from a beach and wrote, “new beginnings … coming from my happy place #helloinstagram”

Meanwhile, a report from earlier this month said that Katrina’s friend called Deepika “insecure”and questioned the “need to pull down others to push yourself up.”

Padukone was recently signed on as the face of a cosmetic brand that Katrina Kaif was formerly associated with. As soon as the news broke, rumours began doing the rounds that Kat was dropped in favour of Deepika. While some said Katrina left because she wanted to launch her own cosmetics line, it began to be questioned as a face-saving tactic when no announcement regarding the launch was made.

However, a source close to Katrina told DNA, “Let’s talk facts: The international cosmetic brand that signed Katrina doesn’t let go of its brand ambassadors – be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Sonam Kapoor either. Katrina was with them for two years, but when an opportunity to launch her own line of cosmetics presented itself, Kat was interested. She did the ethical thing and told the international brand that she wanted to opt out as it would mean a conflict of interest. She could have continued without anybody knowing.”

As for no official announcement being made about the launch of Katrina’s own brand, the source said that starting a new cosmetics line from scratch takes a lot of research and that’s what the actor is busy doing.

But the friend of Katrina’s blamed Deepika’s PR team for spreading false rumours. The friend questioned, “Why is there insecurity about Katrina? Wonder who DP’s advisers are, who are behaving like this? One could understand if you don’t have anything. But when you do, what is the need to pull down others to push yourself up?”

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