SRK Mahabarata

SRK: Dream to Remake the Mahabharata

Happy about his best friend Karan Johar venturing into new avenues with Salman Khan’s production house, Shah Rukh Khan had quite a lot to say recently. SRK felt that the film based on the battle of Saragarhi, which KJo, Akshay and Salman are working on together, should have been made much earlier. The actor also expressed his interest in producing a film with Akshay Kumar.

SRK Mahabarata

Shah Rukh also revealed his dream of being at the helm of a project based on the story of the Mahabharata. In an interview published in DNA, SRK said:

It should have been done a long time back. But it’s very good that Karan and Salman are making a film with Akshay. I wanted to do that. But the story and all didn’t work out. I’m sure he is really open to it. I think whenever there is an opportunity, as producers, we should make this happen. – Shah Rukh Khan, Actor & producer

Elaborating on what would make him feel complete as a producer, the superstar of romance said:

It’s my dream to make Mahabharata for the screen… it’s been for years now. But I don’t think I have the budget to do that, unless I collaborate. This one has to go out into the international markets. So you have to collaborate with someone who’s international. You don’t take up a subject like the Mahabharata and make it any less. It should be on the scale of a Baahubali, or one that is even larger. – Shah Rukh Khan

According to sources, even Aamir Khan has been keen on bringing the epic alive on screen as a collaborative effort with several directors. Maybe the three Khans could get together and pull of an epic like the Mahabharata in Bollywood for the world to see.

(Source: DNA)

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