South Indian Actor Commits Suicide

A budding Telugu serial actor Pradeep,29, committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling at his apartment in Alkapuri colony in the wee hours of Wednesday (May 3).

Narsingi police said that Pradeep hanged himself using a saree at his Green Iconia apartments while his wife Pavani and brother in law Shravan were in other room of the same apartment when the incident took place. At around 4.30 am, the wife found that the Pradeep had locked himself inside the room and was not responding either to phone calls or repeated knocking of door.

“I and my brother Shravan, we forcefully opened the door and found that Pradeep was hanging. Immediately we tried to bring him down and in the process his body slipped from my hand and he fell down. We alerted the ambulance hoping that he might be alive. He was declared dead by doctors,” Pavani said.

Police said that Pradeep did not leave any suicide note but his wife, who alerted the police about the suicide, claimed the couple had a argument over a petty issue following a party at their house, which might be the cause of his death.

“When Pradeep was saying some time, I was attending to some other work. This had upset him and we ha an argument. Subsequently I went inside the wash room and started crying. Meanwhile, Pradeep smashed the glass pane and injured his hand. My brother attended Pradeep by applying medicine. He was in bad mood and consumed lot of alcohol. So I thought of leaving him alone and went to another room,” Pavani said.

While she was sleeping on the chair in an another room, at around 4.30 am, Pavani went to wake Pradeep up as he got early morning shooting to attend. He was found hanging.

Narsingi Inspector P Ramchander Rao said that there are waiting for the post mortem report to come to a conclusion but prima facie it look like a suicide. Pradeep acted in serials like Sapthamathrika, Aruguru Pathivrathulu and few others. He also acted as a junior artiste in some Tollywood movies and his wife Pavani is also a small time actress.

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