Durban Designer Cakes

The Cake Boss Of Durban

By now everyone has heard of the Cake Boss but have you heard about Krishni Chettiar in Durban?

Durban Designer Cakes

She has been spreading happiness for over 30 years being a self-taught confectioner.  Chettiar has been responsible for bringing smiles to hundreds of birthday parties, weddings and special events with her craft of cake artistry.

She specializes in handcrafting custom luxury cakes for a variety of events around the KwaZulu Natal province. Chettiar started off with a curiosity into baking and began her journey by purchasing a variety of books on cake artistry.

Little did everyone expect that today this home industry would be her full time passion. When asked about the work that goes into her cakes, Chettiar explains, “Effort into creating a cake is that it must always reflect the happiness of the person that it is made for.”

All of her designs are customized to suit her client’s needs giving each cake a completely bespoke edge for them to enjoy.

From the moment a person sets eyes on their imagination coming to life to the moment they enjoy tasting it,  Chettiar promises a sensory journey of flavors and colors that speak to your tastebuds!

Visit her Facebook page here | Call or Whatsapp on 079 9118 889

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