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The Problem I Have With Varshan Sookhun

Durban: The evening of 26 April whilst most of you slept, Lotus FM spooked the country replicating the night time cabinet reshuffle announcement by President Jacob Zuma.

The management released a press statement on social media outlining yet again more changes to the station’s programming including new additions to the team effective 01 May 2017.

It’s been seven days of the Lotus FM shuffle and our team endured the torture of the station’s airwaves to get a grip on their recent move. If you haven’t kept up with the station & their blunders here’s a quick run down.

The Morning Rush died the moment Neville Pillay walked out however the station felt the need appoint RJ Ryan Naicker to fill the crater left by Pillay.


This after IndianSpice highlighted a continental mistake by the former producer on national airwaves. Naicker quipped if listeners waited a bit one could acquire the ‘Fast & Furious’ movie for fifteen rands. He also took the mickey out of eNCA reporter Jody Jacobs, that which degrades the credibility of his reporting.

The breakfast show has failed to innovate and do things differently to spike listenership, On May 1, #MayDay the breakfast team opted to take a page out the book of Newsbreak for some unknown reason to host an outside broadcast of the SAFTU proceedings.

Newsbreak runs for 60 minutes every weekday morning bringing news & analysis and the breakfast team wasted our morning mimicking the award winning news show.

Next up, ‘Life & Style’ with Zakia Ahmed – this has been received positively by listeners, her zeal and bubbly voice makes one almost forget the tattered reputation of Lotus FM.

Varshan Sookhun

As for Mr Bollywood, Varshan Sookhun – my problem with him is absolutely nothing. Yes, you read right. Sookhun has been thrown in the deep end and has glided through as the anchor of the drive show titled ‘Afternoon Takeover’.

Sookhun who’s been familiar voice of ‘Midday Spice’ and the ‘Bollywood Chart Show’ fills the airwaves every weekday taking listeners home.

But what makes his presence a positive replacement of the ‘Desi Drive’?

Sookhun has beyond the politics of the station managed to remain a constant RJ who has moulded his character driven by his passion. When you hear Sookhun, he has the craft of weaving colorful stories to even the most bland content that makes you LISTEN.

The personality of Sookhun is not bigger than the station, he knows what his listeners NEED and just how to keep us tuned in. Sookhun has taken the drive show to a level that has a mix of just the right amount of everything including great interviews with local personalities.

And those are the reasons why you should tune in to his drive show – ‘The Afternoon Takeover’.

Another pleasant morning show is ‘The Weekend Liftoff’ by Enrico Pillay alongside TV and theater personality, Jailoshini Naidoo. Interactive and entertaining as if they are literally in your home is how we felt tuning in.

From ‘Walk the Talk’ with Alan Khan he is on-point with his shows and well deserving of his recent award for his show.

Stay tuned in as we bring you regular report cards on Lotus FM, their blunders as well as credit to those who actually try to make a difference.

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