#ThankYouMom: I Love You

Dear Ma,

Have I ever told you how much I love you for all the times you have doubled as my best friend, counsellor, therapist, costume designer, hairstylist, life coach and what not? I’m sorry, I may not have until now, because I realised it myself fairly late in life. But as you always tell me, better late than never.

Our relationship has changed dramatically over the course of life. From always depending on you as a child to find the things I had lost, to being the obnoxious teenager who retaliated when you would ask me about my digital and social activities, and finally as a grown-up, seeking your advice on every small thing when it comes to running a home.

Ma, today I write to you to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You know how I always thought you never understand my struggles, failing to realise that it’s the other way round. Let me start by thanking you for dealing with Papa every time we couldn’t – getting us all the pyjama party permissions and money for things we didn’t need (but insisted we did). You were the superstar mom who packed awesome bread pizzas for me and my school friends for lunch and brought a Tiffin full of your special Dum Biryani when picking me up from school. You were also easily my friends’ favourite aunt.

Remember when I had moved out to another city to attend college? Thank you for forgiving me when I forgot to call, and to listen to all my pointless drama when I did remember. It never occurred to me to ask you if you were really okay and if you were facing problems of your own.

And that college crush I wanted to marry and wanted you to like? Thank you for seriously putting the effort even when you knew it wouldn’t last the season. And for taking me out for a spa day when I was going through the nasty heartbreak that followed. I owe you for all that cheerleading.

Thank you Ma for holding the funeral of my favourite kitten with me. It’s been 18 years and I still remember it. You taught me how crying is never a sign of weakness. Thank you for not letting me see you cry and holding up to your ‘super woman’ image. And then, to let me see you cry and realise that you too are human.

Hey Ma, do you know you are better at finances than papa? Now that I am all grown up and understand the value of each Rupee, I wonder how you always ended up saving and happily providing for all our unnecessary demands? Thank you for selflessly sacrificing on your dreams and wants for us. Seeing you has made me believe that it IS possible for one person to be good at everything. And you deserve the best.

Dear Ma, I write to thank you for doing your best, even during the most difficult times our family went through. I write to thank you for being the super glue that keeps us all together. But most importantly, I write because I often forget to. But today I won’t.

Happy Mother’s Day, ma! I love you. #ThankYouMom

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