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6 Indian Kitchen Things That Are Fast Vanishing

With a unique array of spices, curries and delectable aromas to boast of, the Indian kitchen probably harbours many more recipes – and memories – than any regular kitchen. Whether it is garam masala, a tinge of haldi or your mom’s special ingredient, each one holds a place of its own.

To add to all of this, there’s the nostalgic treasure trove of kitchen implements that has always been around… up until now. You’d think there’d be some sort of a sign, but no!

Before we knew it, the pestles and mortars were disappearing, the boti or vili – a kind of cutting instrument was making itself scarce and ultra-modern electrical appliances were sweeping in to save a busy day.

Since we are suckers for nostalgia and can’t help reminiscing about the good ol’ charm of age-old kitchen devices, here are a few to jog your memory:

The Good Ol’ Brass Steamer

The brass finish, the familiar cooling touch and the sight of it on the stove… who doesn’t miss it?

(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)
(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

The Boti You Had To Necessarily Squat On

(Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 

The fresh veggies lying around the boti , used to chop them into fine pieces with a finesse unique to the habituated user (while he/she sat on her haunches), is a sight that is no longer a common one. The boti – that’s the Bengali name for it – was once seen in several parts of the Indian diaspora and called vili in Marathi and kathipeeta in Telugu.

When did the fancy new-age kitchen knives replace it?

Ceramic Clay Pickle Jar

Naani’s hand-made achaar and the charm thereof manages to wear off bit by bit without the actual packaging, right? What on earth happened to the clay pickle jars topped with the malmal ka kapda? Pickling isn’t done the way it was before and the visible absence of the clay jars are a clear testament.

 (Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 

Manual Flour Grinders Of Yesteryear

 (Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 

Talking of naani and her jaadu-infused expertise, we don’t know how many of you have come across these manual grain mills used by previous generations (called the chakki in Hindi), but this one’s a definite rarity that its electrical counterparts have managed to overshadow.

Brass Tumblers That Are Nowhere To Be Seen Now

(Photo: etsy)
(Photo: etsy)

The brass tumblers we millenials hold synonymous with the 90s (and before) are a must on this list. When is the last time you drank anything in these li’l beauties?

The Clay Matkas We Defintely Miss

(Photo Couresty: FitnessVsWeightLoss) 
(Photo Couresty: FitnessVsWeightLoss

Apart from the cooling effect and the numerous health benefits, there’s a heavy tinge of nostalgia attached to these matkas. We’d choose these over plastic or steel containers any day.

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