This Dog Part Of A Wedding Is Winning Hearts!

Ask a dog-lover, if there is a day they could spend without their little ball of fur on their side, and you would already know the answer.

You can separate the dog fur from your cushions, sofa or carpets but not from a dog person. So when Mitali Salvi, who is a dog trainer by profession tied the knot to her beau, Ali Shakeer; guess who was the ring bearer! None other than their favourite dog, Pantu!

The pictures of their wedding ceremony, where Pantu is playing a very vital role have won our hearts and we’re pretty sure; they will win yours too. Take a look –

1. Under the stars. You, me and Pantu.

2. Handing out bride goals.

3. Pantu be the cutest little pooch ever!

4. Look at her stealing the first kiss!

5. Arriving in style!

6. Take her home, it was a long night!

7. The most charming ring bearer ever!

8. Sharing a moment with the bride to be!

9. This is adorable!

10. Happily married bride and groom!

11. Look at those smiles!

Their wedding video is a charmer too. Uploaded by Wedding Nama, Mitali and Ali are handing out #CoupleGoals like no one else. Witness their celebration of love –

Hey Pantu, if you are available; will you be the ring bearer at my wedding too?


Source: Wedding Nama

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Nama

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