Manisha Koirala

A Warm Welcome To Manisha Koirala

Sunaina Bhatnagar’s Dear Maya brings Manisha Koirala back into our lives, with her versatility and star power intact.

Manisha Koirala

The actress plays a recluse who lives a bitter life locked away all alone in a bungalow, till two young girls decide to send her love letters posing as a fictitious suitor Ved, with the intention of brightening things up for her.

But when she sets out in search of her secret admirer, the girls get worried. Koirala adds weight to the story, allowing herself to look much older and worn out, in order to do justice to the part.

But when she cracks open the dusty windows of her bungalow to let the sunlight wash its corridors, you’re transported right back to the spirited Rajjo of 1942 A Love Story. The film itself might not have much to write home about, but Manisha Koirala’s performance is surely going to be its main highlight.

The film hits theatres on June 2. Also in the pipeline for Manisha Koirala are Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanjay Dutt biopic, in which she essays the role of his mother, the iconic actress Nargis Dutt.

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