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VIDEO: Bieber Fans Upset With Justin’s Performance

This is how social media reacted to Justin Bieber during his performance in India.

justin bieber concert south africa

Fans erupted in unison as Justin emerged from below the stage and breath-taking fireworks. The singer started off his set by singing ‘Mark My Words’ and proceeded to sang some of his greatest hits like ‘Company’, ‘Boyfriend’ and even brought out a guitar to perform ‘Cold Water’.

Justin sang for nearly two hours and ended up performing 20 of his greatest hits.

Justin Bieber took over Mumbai on Wednesday when he performed in front of thousands of fans at the DY Patil Stadium. The pop icon belted out some of his greatest hits, but not everyone was impressed. Some took to social media to complain about lip syncing – and that too a poor one – and zero effort in the performance.

Check it out:

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