Sari Aunty In Viral Video Speaks Out

sari aunty reservoir hillsThe woman who was filmed arguing with a customer at a sari shop in Resevoir Hills, west of Durban has opened a case of defamation of character against the customer.

The viral Facebook video showed 50 year old Geeta Naicker in a verbal spat with a customer. But according to Naicker – what the video didn’t show was how the customer verbally abused her while she explained company policy. Naicker alleges that a customer used derogatory words on her – making fun of her age and picking on the fact that she lived in Resevoir Hills.

Naicker has since been placed on special leave following the incident. She says she wanted to tell her side of the story – because the video was one sided. NB. The customer in question could not be reached at the time of broadcast

Listen to the podcast here:

Story by Taresh Harreeparshad, Newsbreak Lotus Producer

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