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Edward Zuma: My Father Is Not A Zombie

The Zuma family intends to take action against popular Lotus FM presenter, Ravi Govender after he made comments on social media against President Jacob Zuma.

The presenter described the President as a zombie and going further to criticize the manner in which the President spoke at the opening of the ANC National Policy Conference.

“We condemn Ravi Govender of Lotus fm for calling President Jacob Zuma a Zombie.” stated Zuma’s son Edward in a press statement earlier today.

Following the opening of the ANC National Policy Conference, Ravi Govender posted this statement on his facebook page: “Just heard a Zombie Zuma giving a speech on the news. Massacring the beautiful English language….Uneducated creature. Even the other moron Mugabe speaks much better.”

Edward Zuma decided to make his statement public following calls and messages from family members, relatives, friends and ordinary members of society in reaction to the social media post by Lotus fm presenter and columnist Ravi Govender.

Ravi Govender retracted his statement on social media with an apology.

We are horrified to say the least. Over the past years, as the family, we have endured humiliation that cannot be described as result of many insults from radio presenters, journalists, columnists, cartoonists who at times produces pornographic material aimed at tarnishing the image of my father and the president of the ANC and the Republic of South Africa J.G Zuma.

We fail as the family to understand what prompted Ravi Govender to make such a statement referring to our father as a ‘Zombie.’

Is this still part of the Freedom of Speech? We believe that this is the worst form of the abuse of democracy that many of our leaders fought so hard to achieve.

“Our father has been on record promoting strong, honest and regular engagement with the people of this country at all levels. He has also promoted a healthy debate with the media. Critically, he has encouraged leaders of society to have open debate in order to strengthen our democracy and ensure the participation of the people of this country including minorities in the programme of service delivery championed by the ANC-led government.  Our father has never used force to silence his critics.”

Edward Zuma intends to take this matter formally with Lotus FM management indicating that he wants other presenters from Lotus FM to distance themselves from Ravi Govender.

Zuma wants Lotus FM presenters to personal take responsibility in using their positions to consolidate the pace of building the foundation of a strong and vibrant nation.  Ending off his press statement, Zuma indicated that he will defend his father.


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