Sehera Bisnath: From Benoni To Kilimanjaro

Sehera Bisnath

Young people are stepping up efforts to assist others in light of Mandela Day, which is just a week away.

Sehera Bisnath from Benoni, Gauteng, made it her 16th birthday wish to join the Trek4Mandela campaign – an annual event in which several ambassadors climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Sehera Bisnath

The summit aims to create awareness for Caring4Girls, an NGO that collects funds and sanitary towels for underprivileged girls.

Sehera has been offered support by the Nelson Mandela fund, Yase Godlo will be a speaker for the cause as well as endorse the entire campaign.

As part of the campaign to raise the funds, Sehera is willing to help people at fundraisers and give presentations to companies, family and friends. The R 1.6 million will help build up 6,400 sanitary care bags for Dignity Dreams. The bags are distributed to girls in need.

Bisnath says she hopes to gain some public support on what’s being dubbed her Sweet-16-Summit.

“In a gift I wanted two things, a gift that I could share with others and a gift that I could truly make a difference with. I thought about the plight of all the young women my age, those girls that are deprived of so many things, education being one of them and sanitary wear being another. So many other teams are tackling this physical peak but in our everyday lives there are so many girls that climb their own mountains, tackle their own peaks, the peaks of necessity. They climb that mountain of going to school, they climb that mountain of facing people of stepping out and I think that is a true summit.”

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