kulula flight special airfare Has The Ultimate Flying Swag

Calling all ‘original’ plane-spotters, wannabes and fans in and around South Africa!, South Africa’s most fun airline is at it again and we want you to #lookup, ’cause our brand new sexy aircraft paint design ‘Flying 102’ has got the ultimate swag, flying all over South Africa.

kulula flight special airfare

The aircraft depicts the ultimate tongue-in-cheek phrase guide that gives travellers the 102 about the various parts of the plane. Some of the phrases on this particular aircraft includes the ‘No Red-Light District Here’ and ‘Complimentary Darth-Vader Mouth Caps’.

“We are very lucky to have got the opportunity to repaint and have some fun with our spare aircraft, which will now be better known as ‘Flying 102′. This aircraft is the second brainchild of kulula’s in-house design department and will also be the last of its kind, as all our brand-new aircraft come with a standard paint scheme straight off the assembly line.

“‘Flying 102’ aims to give all kulula fans and plane enthusiasts the inside info on all the nooks and crannies that you will find on one of our aircraft in the signature way,” comments Luane Lavery, Brand Communications Manager at

“Its sibling, ‘Flying 101’ became a global hit and we are still amused by the number of responses that we’ve received since it took to the skies in 2010. We hope our fans will enjoy the new funky and truly South African aircraft paint design.

“Flying 102 will be in operation from today and will ‘shine bright like the African sun’ in ‘the colour of champions’ and we put out a challenge to all travellers to become plane-spotters and enjoy in the excitement with us as we ‘thrust you like never before’!”

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