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Meet The Real Saree Queen, Sumitra Selvaraj

I have a knack of hooking up with the most exclusive and incredible people. My latest happenstance has been with a stunning, classy and elegant lady named Sumitra Selvaraj. Sumitra hails from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and apart from being a writer and TV Executive Producer she is a “Saree Aficionado.”saree2

If you are not au fait with what a saree is, essentially it is a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia. It is one of the oldest remaining unstitched garments prevalent still today because of its adaptability.

So what makes Sumitra so interesting? Well for the past 15 plus years she has worn a saree to work every day. This daily practice has become popular and attention grabbing especially since Sumitra began chronicling her saree love and stories on Instagram. Her huge fan club on Instagram of over 20K followers is no easy quest, making SareesandStories one of the top saree blogs in the world.

Once I began reading the stories I too was engrossed by the tales of how Sumitra titivates a saree and literally turns the six yards into a magical, eye candy experience. The awe inspiring stories of her sarees are articulate, captivating and bursting with wisdom. Sumitra’s tales are addictive as well as brutally honest, humble and thought provoking. This charismatic feminist is calm, beautiful and unpretentious and her articulate writing and stunning photographs are charming and a must read. She describes herself as being precise, scatty and a conundrum!


Currychick was fortunate enough to gain an exclusive insight into this remarkable lady’s life. Here goes:

What do you do/like/are passionate about?  

I work in television production as the Executive Producer of an English language talk show on a satellite network in Malaysia.

The show is called ‘Vbuzz’ and is broadcast in Malaysia and in Singapore. I’ve worked in broadcasting and communication for the last 18 years, both in front of and behind the camera. I love words, in the spoken and written form, and I believe that words should be used effectively to spread ideas and knowledge. I’m trying to build enough discipline to write a book, although I have not the faintest idea what it should be about, or even how to start.

Tell us about your family?

I grew up in a liberal household and had a childhood crammed full of books and board games and travelling. It really contributed to my curiosity about the world, and I blame my thirst for trivia on all those general knowledge books I devoured as a child. It also explains why I love pub quizzes so much.

Any children, significant other or furry friends?  

Currently 2 rescues; one blind and deaf 12 year old cocker spaniel that was abandoned by a breeder once he stopped being useful. Jeeves is sweet and silly and I think oh so grateful that we found him wandering along that desolate road one morning. And another 2 year old Shepard mix who was chucked into a drain as a puppy and found by rescuers with broken legs. Absolutely fine now and rushes about the house, so we call himDash.  saree3

Hobbies?  I day dream a lot, I wear Sarees, I cook every day as we eat at home most days, I fail miserably at regular exercise, I happily drink red wine but prefer single malt. Did I mention day dream?

What do you find most challenging about your job? 

The most challenging aspect of my job is to continuously convince people that we need to keep having serious conversations on air. Topics like Rape or Sexual Harassment, or Gender Inequality or Testicular Cancer or Autism and so many others don’t get enough spotlighting. We wait for commemorative months and then talk about it. But these conversations need to happen more often, because we need to be more aware as a society if we’re going to even have a chance at understanding it. And there’s no nastiness, I’m too good at my job to allow that to happen. And I know we’re not supposed to say this because it makes us sound like we’re patting ourselves on the back, but the truth is that I work very hard to be good at my work so that I cannot be questioned. Isn’t that the sort of standards we should be holding ourselves to?

Wow! I bet you too are taken by this smart, sassy and super lady! If like me you are an avid saree lover or even if you are not, construing the interesting blog of this intelligent, inspiring feminist is well worth your time.


Connect with Sumitra and follow her on Instagram  and read her blogs here.

About the author

I’m a South African Indian living in Australia. Hence, I love everything Indian, African and Australian and the mix of it all has shaped me somewhat. This is what you can expect from her, a fusion of cultures and a mix of blogs about life, love and happiness.

All photos featured in this blog are courtesy of Sumitra Selvaraj. No image may be used or reproduced without her permission.

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